Meet our Goats!

Current Goats:


Roxy is my milking LaMancha doe. LaManchas are a very small eared-breed; I didn't cut off her ears! She is a good milker. At the highest point of her lactation, she gives me over 1 and a half gallons of milk a day! She was rather reserved and skittish when I first got her (can you tell from the picture?), but I have won her over and she now is very friendly. She is rather small, and I have a sneaking suspicion that one of her parents was a large Nigerian dwarf goat. 


Phoebe (pronounced "Fee bee") is a beautiful SaMancha goat (a SaMancha is a Saanen-LaMancha cross). She is very calm and dainty, the sort who would take great pains to avoid stepping in a puddle. She is rather a loner and a dreamer, preferring to do things her own way and in her own time.



Maia (pronounced "My uh") is a sturdy, strong, and eager little girl and Pheobe's twin. She is full of sympathy when one is depressed, and will nudge them (a little too eagerly) in an effort to cheer them up. This little girl is a real trooper, and will follow the person of her heart and anyone else all around the barnyard like a little dog, regardless of rain or shine.

Past Goats:


Aphrodite was my first goat, a white Saanen doe with wattles. She was polled (which means naturally hornless) and has a mild, laid back personality. No matter what happens, she didn't get ruffled and is stayed a just a happy little Queen of her world. I have never bred her, and had to sell her in July of 2013.


Dicey is a beautiful Nubian milking doe, black with white spots and speckles. She belongs to my friend, Carina, not to me. She is very fond of humans and, like most Nubians, will spend a long periods of time at the gate every day demanding attention from any human nearby. We were so sad when she passed away from kidding complications during the summer of 2014, but her memory lives on in our hearts and in her little 2014 daughter, Peggity.


 Rue is a black Nubian with white and brown spots. She's one of Dicey's 2012 babies. She has a sweet temperament.


Josie was born 5/10/13 along with her twin, Penelope. This little girl has a "Me so special" attitude similar to Rue, so it'll be interesting to see how they get along in the future. This pretty baby has really flashy coloring and I can't wait to see how she does in the show ring next year!


Penelope is one cute little gal! She is very sweet and is always running around and jumping with her sister, Josie. She was born about a minute before Josie but seems to look up to Josie as her big sister. This girl is pretty steady and level-headed - for a kid, that is! Her personality mirrors her mother's in almost every way.


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