November 29, 2013

Picture day! :D

Today I decided to take my goats' photographs, and look how well they turned out:

The Great Maia
A  badly focused close-up of her nose. Stop smelling the camera, girl!

 Yes, sometimes my goats are more curious than photogenic. After trying for a long time to get them to sit in one place long enough for me to take a picture, I bribed them with alfalfa. Behold the result:

Hey! Come back here!

They bring it under the sleeping shelf to eat it. :-\ I put some more on top of the shelf, thinking that this might work better:

Ain't Roxy purdy?

This will have to do for today. Maybe they will be more cooperative some other day.

A long overdue post

Yes, I know that I haven't posted in a long time. And yes, I know that you have been waiting. I have been very busy… But I’m back and writing another post, so let’s get to the point!

First, I have several updates:

  1.  I sold Aphrodite. Hay prices were up and we had 8 goats on the farm (this includes Carina’s goats) – it was time to downsize a bit. She found a very good home and will be a pet for the rest of her days… Happy Aphrodite.
  2.  Roxy had her babies! Good news: on June 1st, she delivered all girls! Nice Rah…  Bad news: one of the three doelings was a stillborn, approximately 2 weeks dead. This made the birth complicated and a former goat-leader from my 4-H group had to come over and help her out. More good news: Roxy made it out alive and recovered quickly!
  3. Carina moved! Her family and their goats moved to a nice property with a big barn. We miss them but are happy for their good luck in buying such an awesome place!
  4. I’m breeding Roxy again, this time to a Nigerian Dwarf buck. LaMancha ones are scarce when you don’t want to drive over an hour, and I think that the tiny babies that she’ll have with the Nigerian will be easier for her to deliver… I don’t want to risk losing her again.
  5. And last, and probably least, I have changed the look of my blog. Take a look around! Tell me how you like it.
I hope that I can make several posts during this last month of the year and that they will somehow make up for the lack of posts in the last six months. So long... for now!