July 17, 2012

The goats are grazing

There are many reasons why we take our goats out to graze every day. They get all-important exercise, they help clear our weeds, we save on the cost of buying hay, and most important of all it increases their milk production.
On fine afternoons we open the gate and call, "Goats! Roxy, Dicey, Aphie, Babies!" And they all come running after us down the hill.  All except Roxy; she always heads straight for the pine trees and wreaks havoc. So we keep her on a leash until we get to the pasture.
Pine trees aren't on the menu today, girl!

We only keep the goats out for an hour or so because we have to be with them while they are grazing and we don't have time to be out more than an hour. They are eating the whole time that we have them out.

In spite of the common opinion that goats will eat anything - they like to feel everything with their tongues - goats are quite picky about what they eat and carefully pick out certain plants. Wild Rose, Bindweed, and Wild Sage are favorites among our goats, so we try to bring our goats to parts of the pasture especially abundant in these particular plants. Of course, our pine trees are preferred over all else and we have to be careful not to let the goats get at them - my dad went to a lot of trouble to plant those trees.

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  1. These Goats are amazing.Even though I'm not a huge fan of them,I think their pretty awesome in my opinion:)Alexandra Watley.Greetings from K.A., and London.


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