November 29, 2013

Picture day! :D

Today I decided to take my goats' photographs, and look how well they turned out:

The Great Maia
A  badly focused close-up of her nose. Stop smelling the camera, girl!

 Yes, sometimes my goats are more curious than photogenic. After trying for a long time to get them to sit in one place long enough for me to take a picture, I bribed them with alfalfa. Behold the result:

Hey! Come back here!

They bring it under the sleeping shelf to eat it. :-\ I put some more on top of the shelf, thinking that this might work better:

Ain't Roxy purdy?

This will have to do for today. Maybe they will be more cooperative some other day.


  1. So cute! I like Roxy :)

  2. Cute pictures! :) I would not have guessed that goats sleep on shelves... very interesting.

  3. Very nice pictures. I maybe haven't read carefully enough, but do you use the milk for all of your household needs, or do you still buy other milk as well? What about cheese? I love goat cheese!

    1. Roxy gives us over a gallon of milk every day during the summer, and half a gallon during the winter. Since this is a lot of milk (even when we have baby goats drinking half of it during the summer), we don't need to buy milk. Except for the picky eaters who won't be induced to try goats' milk.

      As for cheese, sometimes we make queso blanco cheese - the easiest cheese to make, soft, non-melting, and absorbs the flavor of spices well - but so far it's the only one that has turned out well. Sometimes my experiments in ricotta cheese turn out edible, but the occasions that it does are few and far between. I am hoping that I can work enough on my cheese-making skills to be able to make something more difficult - such as feta.


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